LDPE polyethylene pipes


Plastpipe produces low-density polyethylene LDPE pipes (density range 0.915 g/cm3 - 0.920 g/cm3). These pipes are used in irrigation installations (above-ground and underground) and in installations where flexibility is important.

Manufacturing method

Pipes can be produced in two versions:

Black pipes - used in irrigation installations, above-ground and underground (high flexibility and resistance to UV radiation).

White pipes - intended for technical applications, in installations where flexibility is important. If the pipe is not installed in the ground, due to the natural colour of polyethylene (milky white), it should be protected against UV radiation.

It is possible to use an installation cover or to produce pipes with the addition of a UV stabilizer.

Production range

LDPE low-density polyethylene pipes with diameters from 16mm to 75mm, in two pressure versions: PN4 and PN6 (see table).

Pipes are produced in coils with a length of 100m to 200 m.

Irrigation pipes are produced in black (used in both above-ground and underground installations). White-coloured pipes are intended for technical applications.

Different colour and length of coils on customer’s request.


  • high flexibility and impact strength;
  • high resistance to biological and chemical factors;
  • smooth surface gives low flow resistance;
  • resistant to UV radiation - pipes stabilized to increase resistance to sunlight;
  • soft polyethylene (LDPE) is easy and quick to lay, drippers and micro sprinklers can be installed in them;
  • these pipes can be used to heat the subsoil in crops under cover.

Pipes should be stored horizontally on a flat and even surface.

During storage, the products should be protected against sunlight and rainfall.

It is allowed to store pipes “in the open air”, but the total time of storage in these conditions should not exceed 36 months.

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