PE100 and PE100RC pipes for gas


PE100 and PE100RC pipes are intended for the transmission of gaseous fuels. The PE100RC layered pipes can be used for the construction of gas pipelines without trench installation or where laying of sand bedding is not possible.


Multilayer PE 100 RC pipes are produced in the co-extrusion technology, which ensures the inseparability of the layers. They are available in an orange and black variant.

Single-layer PE 100 gas pipes are produced in orange.

A different colour of the pipes is possible after consultation with the customer.

Production range

Plastpipe produces PE100 pipes in the diameter range of 16mm-630 mm, and PE100 RC multi-layer pipes in the range of 20mm-500 mm. Pipes with a diameter of maximum 90mm are produced in coils, above that in straight 12-metre sections.

  • Advantages
  • low specific weight compared to alternative materials (cast iron, steel, GRP);
  • high chemical resistance;
  • smooth internal surface ensuring lower hydraulic resistance;
  • high abrasion resistance;
  • high flexibility, allowing for use in mining damage areas;
  • resistance to low temperatures;
  • low operating installation costs;
  • complete corrosion resistance;
  • pipes are certified with    Certyfikat DIN Plus


Assortment. The table shows pipes with the most popular parameters.

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