HDPE casing pipes for pre-insulated pipes


Pre-insulation casing pipes are used as covers for steel pipes.

They are made in accordance with the technical conditions of the PN-EN 253:2020-01 standard.

Production range

PLASTPIPE produces PE pipes with diameters of 90mm-630 mm and ring stiffness SN2-SN64. Pipes are normally produced in straight 12-metre sections.

The thickness of the walls and the length of the pipes depend on the customer’s request.


Casing pipes are made of black HDPE by extrusion. During the extrusion process, they are subjected to a corona treatment (surface activation) aimed at increasing the adhesion of polyurethane (thermal insulation) foam.

The surface tension achieved is of the order of 50 mN/m.

  • Advantages

    • flexibility ensuring easy assembly and installation,
    • long service life,
    • high mechanical strength,
    • corrosion resistance,
    • no harmful effects on the environment.

Our offer

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