Pipes for telecommunications and power engineering


The pipes are intended for use in communication engineering as casing pipes for other pipes, wires and cables (telecommunications, power engineering and signalling). The products can be placed in the road lane (under the road and outside the road), and in other areas and facilities used for the purposes of communication engineering. Pipes and fittings with increased resistance to scratching and point loads can be laid in the ground without the use of ballast and backfilling using the trench method, and for the construction and renovation of pipelines using traditional and trenchless methods.

Casing pipes are marked with additional symbols, depending on their properties and purpose:

  • pipes with increased resistance to fire (flame retardant): RHDPEt,
  • "culvert" pipes (according to the notation of industry standards of TP S.A. and Orange Polska S.A.): RHDPEp,
  • "culvert" pipes (according to the industry standards of TP S.A. and Orange Polska S.A.), | layered: RHDPEpw,
  • pipes with increased UV resistance (UV resistant): RHDPE-uv.

Production range

Pipes are made with the range of nominal external diameters from 16mm to 630mm and dimension ranges from SDR 6 to SDR 41 according to the PN-EN 12201-2 standard.

Pipes with diameters up to 90 mm are delivered in coils or straight sections, while pipes with diameters over 90 mm - only in straight sections.


Casing pipes can be made of PE 100-RC polyethylene and PE 100 polyethylene, with solid walls, smooth, single-layer, double-layer or three-layer surfaces.

Layered pipes are produced by co-extrusion, with molecular connection between the layers. In double-layer pipes, the inner layer is at least 85% of the total wall thickness.

In three-layer pipes, the outermost layers constitute from 10% to 30% of the total wall thickness.

The colour of the pipes depends on their type and purpose. They can be uniform or black with coloured identification stripes.

In multi-layer pipes, only the outer layer has the colours indicating the intended use of the pipes and fittings, and in the case of three-layer pipes, also the inner one.

Pipes and fittings can also have a colour agreed with the customer.


The products are joined together by butt welding, through electrofusion couplings or through mechanical connections with an elastomeric gasket.

  • high mechanical strength
  • smooth inner surface reducing flow resistance
  • quick and easy connections
  • physiological indifference and corrosion resistance
  • low specific weight compared to steel or cast iron
  • resistance to stray currents
  • lower assembly costs
  • the system is maintenance-free

Our offer

PE100 pipes for water and sewerage

PE100RC pipes for water and sewerage

PE100 and PE100RC pipes for gas

HDPE casing pipes for pre-insulated pipes

LDPE polyethylene pipes

PVC pipes for gravity sewage