PE100RC pipes for water and sewerage

In our assortment, among polyethylene pipes, you will also find PEHD PE100 RC pipes made of the latest generation polyethylene with increased resistance to crack propagation and point pressure. PE RC pipes are manufactured as single-, double- or three-layer (TRIPLA) pipes.

In multi-layer pipes, the pipe layers are molecularly connected with each other in the co-extrusion process, which does not allow them to be mechanically separated.

TRIPLA® is a trademark registered by PLASTPIPE and is the name of the PEHD PE100 RC pipe made according to the latest technology. TRIPLA® is a pipe consisting of three PE RC layers with increased resistance to various types of mechanical damage such as scratches, abrasions and asymmetric point loads. TRIPLA® is produced in the range from Ø25 to Ø710 in 12-meter sections or other at the customer’s request.


PLASTPIPE multilayer pipes are designed for the construction of water supply systems and networks, as well as pressure, vacuum and gravity sewage systems and networks. They can be laid in the native soil without the use of bedding or sand backfill, using traditional methods and narrow-trench or trenchless methods (cracking, controlled drilling, relining).

They can also be used for renovation of old pipelines.


PE 100 RC sewerage pipes can be produced as single- and double-layer PLASTPIPE pipes and three-layer TRIPLA pipes, made of PE 100RC PEHD polyethylene with high resistance to slow growth of cracks and point pressure.

The thickness of the outer and inner layers in the three-layer TRIPLA pipes is the same and ranges from 10% to 25% of the total wall thickness of the pipe. The inner layer can optionally be made of PEHD PE100. The outer layer thickness of double-layer pipes is 10% to 25% of the total wall thickness. The inner and outer layers are made of PE 100RC polyethylene.

Between the individual layers in the double- and three-layer pipes there are molecular connections, thanks to which the pipe wall is a solid structure.

Production range

Double-layer and three-layer pipes are produced in dimensional series SDR 7.4; 9; 11; 13.6; 17; 21; 26; 33 and 41, in the diameter range from 25mm to 710mm, according to the PN-EN 12201-2+A1:2013-12 standard.

Single-layer pipes are produced in dimensional series SDR 7.4; 9; 11; 13.6; 17; 21; 26; 33 and 41, with diameters from 16mm to 710mm, according to the PN-EN 12201-2+A1:2013-12 standard.

Pipes with a diameter of maximum 90mm are produced in coils, above that in straight 12-metre sections.

Colour of sewage pipes:

  • single-layer pipes - black or black with brown stripes for coiled pipes;
  • double-layer pipes – the outer layer – green, the inner layer – black;
  • three-layer TRIPLA pipes - green, black and green

A different colour of pipes is allowed, in agreement with the customer.

Pipe sections can be joined by mechanical (clamp) joints, butt welding, and by means of electrofusion couplings. The joining procedures are the same as for traditional PE pipes.


  • high impact strength
  • high mechanical strength
  • smooth inner surface reducing flow resistance
  • quick and easy connections
  • physiological indifference and corrosion resistance
  • low specific weight compared to steel or cast iron
  • resistance to stray currents
  • lower assembly costs
  • the system is maintenance-free

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