PE100 pipes for water and sewerage

The pipes are manufactured in the process of extrusion of high-density PEHD PE 100 polyethylene, the quality of which is confirmed by the manufacturer’s certificates. The high quality of raw materials and world-class production technology ensure the production of pipes of the highest quality, in accordance with the requirements of world standards. Our products are intended for the distribution of drinking water, liquid technological media and sewage.


PE pipes are intended for the transfer of domestic water, water before its treatment, pressure rainwater and sanitary sewage, vacuum sewage systems and water intended for other purposes.

Production range

Water supply and sewage pipes are produced in dimensional series SDR 7.4; 9; 11; 13.6; 17; 21; 26; 33 and 41, in the diameter range from 16mm to 630mm, according to the PN-EN 12201-2+A1:2013-12 standard

Pipes with a diameter of up to 90 mm are produced in coils, above that - in straight 12-metere sections. Other pipe lengths on request.


PE pipes are made of high-density class PE100polyethylene, abbreviated as HDPE, in the following colours, depending on their purpose:

  • black with blue stripes - for water,
  •  black with brown stripes - for discharge sewage.

A different colour of the pipes is also possible, in agreement with the customer.

Pipe sections can be joined by:

  • mechanical-clamp connections - with the use of a plastic coupling (it is quick and easy to make),
  • butt welding - consists in heating and plasticizing the surfaces of the joined elements with a heating plate, and then, after moving them away from the plate, pressing them together with appropriate pressure and allowing them to cool down. Proper execution of the connection by welding allows a PE pipeline to remain flexible along the entire length of the section and the strength of the connections is equal to the strength of the pipe,
  • using electrofusion couplings - this welding method consists in joining the pipe with fittings with an electrofusion wire embedded in them.


  • high impact strength
  • high mechanical strength
  • smooth inner surface reducing flow resistance
  • quick and easy connections
  • physiological indifference and corrosion resistance
  • low specific weight compared to steel, cast iron
  • resistance to stray currents
  • lower assembly costs
  • the system is maintenance-free


Assortment: the table shows pipes with the most popular parameters.


Our offer

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