PE100 pipes for water and sewerage

PE100RC pipes for water and sewerage

PE100 and PE100RC pipes for gas

Pipes for telecommunications and power engineering

HDPE casing pipes for pre-insulated pipes

LDPE polyethylene pipes

PVC pipes for gravity sewage

Products for the
mining industry

ASTP2/W and ASTP3/G type HDPE pipes and fittings

ASTP2/O type PE casing pipes for pre-insulation

ASTP2/P and ASTP3/P type pre-insulated PE-PU-PE pipes and fittings

GRP pipes and fittings, including preinsulated ones, made of GRP/W and GRP/G laminates.

The H305 coupling

Cast iron fittings for installation on pipelines

Plastpipe products

In 2022 we have prepared for you a completely new and refreshed Plastpipe product catalogue. We invite you to see our interactive catalogue

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