About us

PLASTPIPE is a well-known producer of plastic pipes on the Polish market. We offer piping systems for such applications as water systems, gas installations, pressure and gravity sanitation and casing pipes.

We are holders of the certificates ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

PLASTPIPE was founded and operates with its own capital. It bought the machinery stock from a bankrupt company and thanks to the experience of its production staff it has been continuously raising the quality of its products and expanding their range while at the same time taking care of the natural environment.

We have modern production lines of renowned manufacturers (e.g. Battenfeld from Germany). Our Austrian Cincinnati Extrusion production line allows us to extrude triple layer HDPE pipes with diameters ranging from 90 mm to 630 mm.

This means that we have the most modern line of this kind in Poland. We offer a wide range of products. We have complete machinery and equipment facilities for the processing of plastics. The finished products have documentation which permits them to be used in water supply and sanitation networks.

Historical dates

  • 2012 – Registration of the PLASTPIPE company
  • 2012 – ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 certification
  • 06.2014 – Purchase of the Amut machine for the production of pipes from 16 mm to 63 mm
  • 06.2014 – The investment changing the organization of internal logistics starts
  • 05.2016 – EN 1555 certificate for gas applications in the range of 90 mm to 630 mm
  • 05.2016 – The National Certificate of Conformity and the Certificate authorizing to mark products with a safety symbol for gas applications
  • 03.2018 – OHSAS 18001 :2007 certification